Adventum Homeschool Quest

Home-based education that ignites passion, feeds the soul, and unleashes potential.


Learning customized to the learner. Choose between creative, analytical and exploratory lessons that all meet curricular objectives. 


Not everyone learns the same. Traditional education leaves students behind. With Adventum, each learner has their own Quest. 


Lifelong learning leads to lifelong success. Making learning fun, engaging, and challenging in a positive way. 


Learning Your Way
With Help.

We are imaginative educators offering guidance and support to homeschool families who wish to create their own educational adventures while meeting selected provincial curricular objectives.

This is Not a School.
It’s an Adventum Quest!

Because the entire world is a classroom, we want to assist you as you foster engagement, wonder, creativity, and passion in your child. Schooling from home can be joyous and rewarding.

Adventum Homeschool Quest offers a three-system approach to learning, capitalizing on different learning styles and academic strengths. With so many options available to you and your learner that meet provincial curriculum outcomes, you can essentially choose your own educational adventure.

We call it your Adventum Quest.


Creative quests are perfect for any student that may be feeling particularly inventive, imaginative, or artistic that day. These quests will get you drawing, building, and working with your hands.


Analytical quests are optimal for students who are having a thinking day. These quests are full of charts, graphs, and tallies that are sure to pique the interests of inquiring minds.


Exploratory quests are ideal for students who are in an adventurous mood. These quests will have you engage with your surroundings, so prepare to go on a fact-finding journey each time you choose an exploratory quest.


There is a Plan,
But You Get to Make It Yours

Adventum Homeschool Quest has the goal of providing a comprehensive road map to meeting Saskatchewan curriculum standards for English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Adventum Homeschool Example Lesson Page

We are Your Quest Guides

We believe learners deserve to be in control of the way they obtain knowledge, skills, and abilities. Because home-based educators in Saskatchewan have the flexibility to choose the curricular outcomes in each subject, we believe this affords you with the opportunity to have control over your learning and thus create a path that works for you, your learner, and your family.

We are simply here to guide you on your journey and provide you with the means to travel the road that inspires you the most.

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.”


How Do We Guide You?

Lessons are planned by experienced educators , with several options to meet the objectives of the provincial curriculum.

Resources and materials are identified for each lesson. Learners choose whatever Quest they feel most connected to so that they feel engaged, invested, and passionate about their learning adventure.

Adventum Homeschool Quest’s Planning and Reporting Tool is Your Compass

We help you create your learner’s Education Plan for your local school division and then create a road map to guide you through the use of the secular monthly lessons in each core subject.

Our patent-pending approach to planning, tracking, and reporting will make the “policy side” of your home-based education adventure very simple and worry-free!

“Live your life by a compass, not a clock.”

Stephen Covey

There Are Perks to the
Adventum Community

Not only will you have access to amazing planning and reporting tools and exciting learning materials, you will become part of a vibrant community of home-based educators who also seek to inspire passion for learning and unearth the tremendous potential in their children.

Adventum Homeschool Quest offers community, blog posts, and suggested resources to add comfort on your educational journey.

Create Explore Analyze
Start your quest

How to Get Started

Register for the program

This is a one-time fee that includes access to all of our Education Planning Tools.

Personal Quest Plan

Take part in a personal planning meeting with an Adventum Homeschool Quest teacher.

Subscribe to a monthly Membership

This can be a one-time fee or can be broken into monthly subscription charges. Once payment is received, all resources become available for the core subjects for the month.

Join the Social Community

Become part of the social media group of Adventum Homeschool Quest Community.

Share stories, find ideas, and get inspired!

“Say the word ‘Quest’ out loud. It is an extraordinary word, isn’t it? So small and yet so full of wonder, so full of hope.” 

Kate dicamillo, The tale of despereaux