Welcome to Homeschooling with Adventum!

I’m Sadie!  Welcome to Adventum Homeschool Quest!  I’ve been fortunate to have some amazing adventures with the folks here.  It’s been so much fun observing my friends as they prepare fantastic quests and challenges for you to use on your own homeschooling odyssey.  Resources have been gathered from all over and lessons have been crafted by some brilliant academic explorers.  I’m just here to take in all the great ideas so that I can jump into my own learning journey.

If this is your first time learning from home, you are in for a real treat! I know it can be a bit scary to think about how you might tackle being in charge of your own education. Well, maybe it’s scary, but it’s also very exciting. There are times when you want to make decisions about the path you take or the road you travel. At Adventum Homeschool Quest, that’s exactly what you get to do!

What makes Adventum Homeschool Quest different is that there is structure, but there is not a prescription. 

Sadie Homeschool

I mean, you should accomplish something while you are learning from home, but with Adventum Homeschool Quest, you actually get to look through the materials in your monthly subscription packages and choose the activities that suit your learning style and pique your interest. 

In every lesson, learning outcomes and indicators from the provincial curriculum are outlined and activities are prepared to help learners meet them.  The fun thing is that there are at least three different ways that you can choose from to satisfy those outcomes and indicators.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that if you are feeling particularly inventive one day, you might opt to go on a Creative Quest in your subjects.  If you are having a thinking day, you could decide to complete an Analytical Quest.  On the other hand, if you are in an adventurous mood, your sights might land on an Exploratory Quest.  No matter what you decide, you will meet the same outcomes and indicators for the lesson.  This means that you actually get to decide how you learn every day.

In addition to all of these choices, you also have the opportunity to “Further Your Quest” by completing extension activities and “Mini Quests”. Activities like these are all optional, but will meet additional learning objectives and will help to solidify your understanding of the lesson materials and the content of each subject. Most of the time, there are samples for you to follow so that you can jump right into the learning activities. Sometimes there are templates for you to use with your own topics of interest or enjoyment. Answer keys are provided for each quest and all of the optional activities.

One very important thing to note is that you do not have a teacher. The team at Adventum Homeschool Quest is here to guide you and provide you with assistance, but you are only responsible to the “teacher/guide” in your home and to the local School Division Home-Based Education official. 

You do not hand assignments in for grading. You do not have due dates. You do not attend classes or online meetings. You do not get a report card. 

Learning takes place in your home (or where ever you are) with resources provided to you through your monthly subscription. If you require guidance or adaptations, don’t hesitate to contact the helpful folks at Adventum Homeschool Quest. The goal is to make your home-based education journey enjoyable and relatively stress-free.

For those of you who are not new to home-based learning, I’m super excited to welcome you and your expertise to this epic quest! You have likely done some mind-blowing educational activities! If so, the folks at Adventum Homeschool Quest would love to hear about them!

On the other hand, you might have felt stuck with resources that didn’t meet your needs or language that was too advanced (or simple) for your purposes. While you are with Adventum Homeschool Quest, you will always have grade-appropriate resources in your monthly subscription packages, so you never have to search for the right materials to meet your learning needs. You’ll also have options, as outlined above. This might give you the opportunity to try new things or focus your attention on matters other than resource hunting.

Once again, for those of you who are new to the homeschool world, don’t panic!  The awesome team at Adventum Homeschool Quest will help you every step of the way.  They will start by directing you to fill out the Intent to Homeschool form for your School Division.  Then, you will get help to create your Individual Education Plan, which you also need to submit to your local School Division.  Once this plan is created, you just get to enjoy the journey of learning from home, your way.  You will keep the work you have created and will work with a member of the Adventum Homeschool Quest team to track your learning and compliance with the learning plan created at the beginning of your school year.  In May, you will once again get assistance from Adventum Homeschool Quest to complete your year-end Learning Portfolio.  This Learning Portfolio is presented to your local School Division Home-Based Education official and this is how you move on to the next grade level.  It’s that easy!

I should stop nattering away at you. I’m a bit of a chatter box, I’m told. I really love to share ideas and experiences with fellow adventurers! I can’t wait to get started with our learning journey!

Until next time,

Your friend Sadie