How to Start

Simplifying homeschooling by providing parents with an easy to manage system and giving students the tools to learn their way. 

Monthly Subscription

$ 60

/ month + $150 setup

Access to a personalized dashboard

Monthly content to meet curricular objectives

End-of-year checklist for school board

Invitation to Adventum Facebook group

What’s Included?

Why is there a setup fee?

Every student will receive a personalized dashboard for their grade. Just like in a regular school, to make sure everything is set up the way it should be we need to do the administrative work around that.

Additionally, homeschooling is a commitment for both the parents and the student. The setup fee is a representation of the commitment the family is making to be successful. 

How is content delivered?

Content is released on a monthly basis to ensure that the student has everything they need to work on to meet curricular objectives for the month. 

The student will have access to lessons presented in the creative, analytical, and exploratory ways for each curricular objective and they can choose which one they are most interested in. The lesson can be downloaded and printed off for ease of use.

Do we submit work to Adventum?

Nope! Adventum is a tool to deliver easy to manage lesson plans for homeschool families. Parents will be given the marking and grading keys for each lesson as well as the curricular objectives to ensure their student hit the mark! 

At the end of the year, each student will have a checklist of content they have done so that it can be easily organized and sent to the schoolboard for approval.