Grade 1 Homeschool Quest


Grade 1 lesson content is delivered at the start of every month. Each student will have the choice of what kind of lesson they want to do to achieve the Saskatchewan curriculum objectives.

Setup Fee * (+$150.00)

To ensure students are set up for success, Adventum requires each student to pay a one-time $150 set up fee at the start of every year.


The Grade 1 Homeschool Subscription presents Saskatchewan curriculum objectives in creative, analytical, and exploratory lesson styles. We make homeschool a simple option for families.

  • Creative quests are perfect for any student that may be feeling particularly inventive, imaginative, or artistic that day. These quests will get you drawing, building, and working with your hands.
  • Analytical quests are optimal for students who are having a thinking day. These quests are full of charts, graphs, and tallies that are sure to pique the interests of inquiring minds.
  • Exploratory quests are ideal for students who are in an adventurous mood. These quests will have you engage with your surroundings. Prepare to go on a fact-finding journey each time you choose an exploratory quest.

Content is delivered to each student’s dashboard that is specific to their grade. A checklist is provided so all deliverables can be sent to the Saskatchewan school board at the end of the year. Adventum makes homeschooling organized and easy to manage way to achieve grade 1 homeschool requirements.

Lesson content is provided as a PDF download that can be printed or used on the student’s computer. Lesson outlines are provided as well as a grading key for homeschool parents.

In addition to the regular lesson plans provided, homeschool parents will be invited to a private Facebook group to communicate with other homeschool parents and stay up to date with Adventum updates. This helps to build a community to make the homeschooling experience less lonely and overwhelming for families just starting with this style of education.

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